Looking for a quick and easy DIY?

These vases can be added to a centerpiece or used stand-alone to spruce up any dining room table.

I had so much fun making these beauties with leftover wedding material and chalk paint I had lying around the house, and it paid off! I sold all of my vases (twelve I think) along with a few of my wedding decorations to a sweet mother and daughter duo who were looking for decorations for their rustic-themed prom. I was so happy I could help them with their celebration, and so thankful for the cash from what easily could have been “leftovers”.


To make your own you’ll need:

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Empty bottles (I used wine bottles)
  • A hot glue gun & hot glue
  • Ribbon
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Lace ribbon
  • Any color, width, or material of ribbon your DIY heart desires!
  • Twine or String
  • Any other embellishment you’d like to use (I used pearl brads from Michael’s)
  • Chalk Paint
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Paint Brush
  • Newspaper or Tissue Paper (for painting purposes)

Step 1: Remove the Labels from the Bottles

To do this fill your bottles and the kitchen sink with HOT water–as hot as it will go! Submerge the bottles and add 4 tbsp baking soda and 2 c vinegar (these are approximate values because as a scientist, I just pour things together until I’m done watching it fizz…for science purposes).

Let the bottles sit for a few hours, then remove the bottles, rinse them well, and peel the labels right off!

If there are a few stubborn or sticky labels, never fear! You can still use the bottles by strategically covering them with burlap, ribbon, twine, etc. However, those will NOT be the bottles you want to paint.


Step 2: Paint

You may not want to do this to every bottle (or at all–you do you!) but if you want to paint, now would be the time. I have not tried normal paint on the bottles, but two layers of chalk paint has worked well for me.

You’ll want to do this outside or lay newspaper on the floor, and be aware of drips–your vases will dry bumpy if you aren’t careful!

Let the first layer dry, wait 24 hours, and then paint the second layer. I painted a few of mine all over, and on a few I used painter’s tape to paint only the top or bottom half.


Step 3: Hot Glue + Ribbon + Embellishments = Crafter’s Heaven!

This is the best part–get crafty! This is where you put thick ribbon or burlap over the bottles that still have the leftover label.

One of my favorite ways to decorate the vases (that also is forgiving of my label impatience) is using hemp twine.

To do this place some hot glue on the end of a roll of twine and carefully place it at the bottom of the bottle, parallel to the edge. Wrap the twine all the way around the bottom of the bottle and secure it with a drop of hot glue.

Continue this process, gluing in different areas of the bottle so as to keep the twine stable, until you have reached the height of twine you’d like on your vase.



I like to use two different elements on each of my vases, whether they be paint, ribbon, embellishment, lace, overlay, or something else pretty I find lying around!

Wishing for a Fall look? Add some orange or red ribbon, silk sunflowers, or put dried flowers in the vase. Going for a Spring vibe? Take a cue from my pieces and use white or pastel colored ribbons, lace, or fresh flowers


One thing I will definitely miss while traveling is my craft stash–I have to leave it ALL behind!

There you have it! From trash to treasure, these lovelies just make my heart happy.

Happy crafting!

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