Going part-time at Yellow House Coffee this week has been an odd experience. It’s strange to no longer be the manager. It’s strange that I’m actually splitting my working time between the shop and writing for clients equally now. The days feel different.

Who knew there are so many hours in a week?

It took about six months of dedicated effort to develop enough client work to go part-time at Yellow House. Hundreds of pitches, dozens of hours scanning job boards, and over 70,000 words later, it has finally happened.

Writing is no longer a side-gig. It’s now part-time income, on the road to full-time income. It’s a wild feeling. It’s hard. It’s fun.

It’s only been a week, but my newfound flexibility has already manifested itself in several home cooked meals, including a particularly spicy Indian dinner. I’ve also drunk a lot more tea while writing. I still haven’t put away all the laundry I washed earlier this week, but I’ll get to it. Sleep. Yeah, that’s nice.

Here are some writing stats for 2017 so far:

  • Blogs Posts: 25
  • FAQ: 89
  • Product Descriptions: 31
  • Magazine Columns: 1
  • Clients Billed: 7

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible brands, mostly in the coffee and tea space. I’ve written dozens of blogs, a handful of product descriptions, and even a magazine feature! It’s been great to work with innovative and ethical brands and I look forward to discovering more.

It’s working. Freelance copywriting to sustain our world travels is working. I’m. So. Excited.

If you know anyone looking for a copywriter who specializes in the food and beverage industries, give them my name!

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