November 25th will be a very big day for me.

It will also be a very big day for my mother, my sisters, and thankfully, my wonderful husband.

No, I’m not talking about Black Friday sales. I’m not talking about the inevitable food coma we all will experience. I’m not even talking about the 149th anniversary of the day Swedish Chemist Alfred Nobel patented his design for dynamite.

This is bigger than dynamite.

This is COPPER BOOM. This is “I love you, you idiot!”. This is Luke’s Diner, the Dragonfly Inn, and Ms. Patty’s Dance Studio.

That’s right folks, I’m talking about GILMORE GIRLS.

The best show in the history of ever.If you’re with me right now, we’re probably best of friends.

If you’re with me right now, we’re probably best of friends.If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, go sit in a corner and reflect on your life. Because you haven’t lived it yet.

November 25th, the world will be graced once again (finally!) with those lovely Gilmore girls, and to get you in the right mindset, I’ve compiled a completely objective and unbiased list of why every couple should watch Gilmore Girls, and why it’s the best show in the history of ever (because they’re all the same reasons).

Before I begin my list I should mention that while I grew up watching Gilmore Girls, Garrett did not initially share my enthusiasm when I told him we were going to watch the show together. However, by the time we were in the middle of the second season he was sold, and I was able to consider the possibility that marriage could be in our future.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 reasons (in no particular order) that you and your darlin’ should watch this sublime visionary artwork at this very instant.

image41441. Stars Hollow is everyone’s hometown.

Whether you grew up in a tiny town like me, a small city, or a suburb, everyone can relate to the kooky Stars Hollow setting. We will always remember the odd traditions, the interesting characters, the beloved coffee shops, and the place that shaped the adults we became. There is some sort of comfort in thinking back to those places and times.

Emily, Lorelai, Rory2. Rory and Lorelai’s relationship, & Lorelai and Emily’s relationship

This is what the show focuses on, and this is why the show is so beloved and successful. No other show has explored the mother daughter relationship to the depth and accuracy that Gilmore Girls does. Although men come and go from our heroines’ lives, the plot is always centered on how these events shape and stretch the mother daughter relationships.

image41663. Sookie and Jackson

Melissa McCarthy plays a much more wholesome and lovable best friend than her more recent roles, and her bubbly sweet nature (yes, BUBBLY!) is contagious. Watching her relationship with Jackson blossom gets me every time.

lorelei-and-rory4. The Gilmore Girls’ Diet

These ladies survive on poptarts, pizza, and takeout, and drink coffee like there is no tomorrow. Is there anything more to add?…

Luke and Lorelai5. Luke and Lorelai’s *ahem* Friendship

Avoiding spoilers (but come on, it ended 10 years ago…) I’ll just say that the friendship these two have is so genuine, so tested, and so entertaining that you can’t help but fall in love with them.

6. The Theme Song

Yes, you read that correctly…this one needs some context.

Every weekday of every summer, my mom, sisters, and I used to watch Gilmore Girls. We would sleep in, get our breakfast and coffee, and be in the living room ready to watch the show and enjoy each other’s company by the time the theme song came on.

We always sang along to the song (adding our own “harmonies” and shrill nonsense) and it was a sweet, fun tradition.

When Garrett and I started watching Gilmore Girls, I had to teach him the song of my people, so I continued the beloved tradition. In time, Garrett learned the bass harmonies in the song, and would add his “bum bum”s and “dum dum”s to my “singing”.

Then, when I brought him home to meet my family, we all sang together and my sisters and mother thought it was a hoot! Although it’s a peculiar story (most of my stories are), that song will forever remind me of mornings at home with my family and of getting to know Garrett.

milo-ventimiglia-photo7. Jess Mariano

Just…Jess. Everything about Jess. Yes. Yaaaaaaaasssssssssss……..

anigif_enhanced-28859-1424366145-138. Lane is my spirit animal

Strict parents, socially awkward, a bit nerdy, and forever loyal, Lane is everything a high school best friend should be.

michel_19. Michel

The sassy gay best friend everyone wishes they had, but wasn’t able to come out of the closet in the 90s. “People are particularly stupid today, I can’t speak to any more of them.” …preach.

mv5bnjm0ndg1njmyov5bml5banbnxkftztgwndu5ndmwmje-_v1_sy1000_sx1500_al_10. Richard and Emily

…because I can’t not put them here, but I also can’t talk about it…it’s still too soon. :'(

If you’ve watched the show, what do you think of my list? Did I leave anyone out that you think should be top 10?

If you haven’t watched, what the heck are you doing still reading this?? I’m a great convincer! Prove it and go watch the show! Go! Do it! Live your life to the fullest!









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