We are Garrett and Lauren Oden.

It’s nice to meet you.

We just want to see all the places, create all the things, and drink all the coffee.

If any of the above tickle your fancy, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have a wandering soul, love saving hard-earned money, are interested in long-term travel, love design or other creative projects, if your blood type is coffee, or if you want to hear the musings of a creative type 7th grade science teacher and a business-minded barista/free-lance writer, welcome. If you’re not any of those things, welcome just the same.

We are budget-minded millennials, creative souls, entrepreneurs, and aspiring digital nomads.

We have been living the married life since June 27, 2015 and are loving every minute of it! (Just kidding, don’t believe anyone who tells you that…it’s worth it though!)

Here you will find our stories as we navigate the waters of:


preparing to travel internationally for at least a year, and the stories we share once we begin!


Coffee, websites, magazine articles, prints, chicken carbonara, you name it


married life, work flow, budgeting, not dying of starvation – the basic stuff

Here’s a bit about us as told by each other:

Lauren Oden

Lauren Oden

The oldest of her three sisters, Lauren is imaginative, protective, and strong-willed. She grew up in Ranger, Texas, a town so small that her graduating class only had 23 students.

Though she’s a country girl at heart, she’s not one for being placed in a box. How many girls from Central Texas do you know that listen to hipster music, eat Asian food, and want to explore the world? I only know one.

Being married to Lauren has been the greatest adventure of my life, and it will continue to be until my final breath. Her compassion is compelling, her beauty captivating. She’s a critical thinker and can spot any inconsistency in logic. She’s a life-long learner and explorer – just like me.

Garrett Oden

Garrett Oden

Within two weeks of meeting him I knew that Garrett would change my life for the better. It took him a few more months to come to the same realization, but what can I say…guys are clueless ?

Garrett grew up a “city boy” (the kind I said I’d never marry) in the small city of Lubbock, TX. Growing up with his little sister Madeline proved to shape him into a man who is extremely protective of his family, and of women in general.

Garrett is talented in many areas because of what I believe to be one of his greatest talents, his determination and persistence. In the years I’ve known him I’ve watched him become interested in and grow in numerous hobbies and occupations, including coffee, blogging, writing, cooking, and being the best husband.

We share a childish and goofy sense of humor, and he helps me view even the most mundane of tasks as an adventure!

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You’re the bee’s knees! Now go live your adventure!

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